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“Treat wastewater and return clear water to environment.”

The volume of the Earth’s water, which is the source of all life, never changes, but is always going through its natural cycle.

As a result of half a century of research into wastewater treatment, PT. KUBOTA KASUI INDONESIA has developed advanced technologies and know-how to treat various types of wastewaters and return the clear water to the environment.

We are currently implementing a new generation of water treatment technologies such as water production, development of plants without wastewater discharge, and complex water treatment system.

PT. KUBOTA KASUI INDONESIA supports clients by consistently providing solutions that include everything from research, analysis, planning and investigation to high-quality plant construction,

operations management and maintenance.


“Creating a healthy environment with clean air.”

Our earth is a small planet floating in space. The atmosphere surrounding the planet is the very thing that protects its life.

Flue gas desulfurization systems by PT. KUBOTA KASUI INDONESIA are based on long-standing experiences and know-how, resulting in the ability to respond to various clients’ requirements.

Today, our company builds small to large scale flue gas desulfurization units to deal with any gas flowrate. A variety of absorbents are used such as limestone, magnesium hydroxide, seawater and sodium hydroxide.

We also design gas treatment for denitrification, deodorization, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other harmful gases.

PT. KUBOTA KASUI INDONESIA offers optimal systems for environmental conservation and industrial development based on its experiences, achievements, and technologies that have been accumulated.